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  • Be advised before you buy.

    Work with an advisor to earn your certification and unlock the true potential of your homebuying experience.

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  • Are you certified?

    Completing a homebuyer education course or workshop is a required component by most lenders and all down payment assistance programs.

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  • Neighbors Wanted

    The Detroit housing auction scene is an exciting yet complex marketplace. Let us guide you through the process.

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Thinking about bidding on a home in the auction?

Work with our experts to analyze your personal finances plus the maintenance, repairs and taxes associated with the property you’d like to purchase and get the true costs and a clear path toward successful homeownership in Detroit. When you complete the program, you will have the certification and all the information necessary to get your homebuying experience off to a great start.

Get advised before you bid.

Who Needs Detroit Homebuyer Advisor?

  1. Bidders who want a 20% discount off the purchase price of their home
  2. Bidders Who Seek Down Payment Assistance
  3. Buyers Interested In Learning The True Costs Of Their Home Purchase
  4. Homebuyers Wishing To Obtain Rehabilitation Financing Incentives

It’s a Great Time to Come Home to Detroit!

This is a new era for homeownership in Detroit. As energy and optimism spreads throughout the city, we see neighborhoods coming to life with local shops, restaurants, and a renewed commitment to community. Home shoppers in Detroit, inspired by incredible investment incentives and the opportunity to become a part of this great revitalization, are discovering areas rich with history, culture and activity.

Come see for yourself. Come Home to Detroit.