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  • Be advised before you buy.

    Work with an advisor to earn your certification and unlock the true potential of your homebuying experience.

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  • Are you certified?

    Completing a homebuyer education course or workshop is a required component by most lenders and all down payment assistance programs.

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  • Neighbors Wanted

    The Detroit housing auction scene is an exciting yet complex marketplace. Let us guide you through the process.

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Our pre-purchase education and counseling program will help you fully prepare for the process of buying a home. After completing the program, you will understand all the expenses involved and have the opportunity to qualify for the best possible package of incentives, discounts and financing programs based on your personal financial profile and homebuying objectives.

  • We are experts in Detroit Homeownership, with over 40 years combined experience serving the community.
  • We Do Not Get Paid Commissions or Fees By Realtors or Lenders.
  • Our Coalition is Non-Profit and Our Fees are Affordable.
  • Experts are HUD Approved and MSHDA Certified.
  • Some Services are Free.

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