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Pre-Purchase Counseling

Our certified counselors’ help homebuyers qualify for loans, avoid predatory lending, prepare documentation, organize their financial planning, and make good decisions for the future. We also discuss different options for down payment assistance from various government sources.

The Pre-Purchase program covers many important topics, including:

  • Financial literacy
  • Budget analysis
  • Home affordability
  • Credit report review
  • Mortgage qualifying
  • Understanding the role of lenders and realtors
  • Creating a step-by-step action plan

Detroit Home Auction Programs

There are special programs and financing programs that provide affordable loans to qualified residents who successfully bid in the Detroit Land Bank’s Neighbors Wanted auction. You can take advantage of the exciting program features, such as:

  • Financing your acquisition and rehab of homes in target areas
  • Low down payments
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Down payment assistance

Qualified Borrowers must:

  • Occupy the home as primary residence
  • Comply with all auction rules
  • Successfully complete a homebuyer's education program

Class Schedule and Registration

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